Book Launch Package


Available with both Standard and Advanced Book Launch Package

Checking book listings

Keeping an eye in amazon rankings and listings.

Keywords and categories

Finding the 10 best categories and 7 best keywords for the book's visibility is an ongoing task, and should be looked at every three months or so. Promotional graphics, and post writing, including teasers Making graphics and teasers for promotions, groups and Takeovers.

A+ content

Create amazon A+ content graphic for your amazon listing


Keeping your fans updated via your email list. Using Story Origin/Book funnel to grow list. Arranging newsletter swaps ARC reviewers


Your details will be added to the ARC page on this site. The book will be sent out to our email list of multi genre reviewers. General promotion on social media to find new ARCS, and sending to your own ARC team.

Chasing reviews two weeks later.


Available only with Advanced Book Launch Package

Media Kit

We will create an information PDF about your book and characters to send to bloggers and influencers

Book blitz

We will network with bloggers and influencers to promote your book

Release Party

Other authors will be invited to join your group for a time slot to play games, and giveaways, either in your readers group or a general promo group. We will run the sign up sheet, welcome graphics and interact with the authors during the party