Standard Book Launch Package

We will provide one month of support for your release, starting two weeks before release and ending two weeks after. If you are unable to set a pre-order before release, please discuss options with me.


Checking book listings

Keeping an eye on Amazon rankings and listings throughout the release period.

Keywords and categories

Finding the 3 best categories and 7 best keywords for the book's visibility is an ongoing task that should be reviewed every three months or so.

A+ content

Create amazon A+ content graphic for your amazon listing, if requested.


If I manage your newsletter, I will send out the following emails

  • 3 weeks before release with a link to the ARC sign-up sheet.
  • 2 weeks before release with teasers and a pre-order link.
  • 1 week before release with teasers and a pre-order link, and a giveaway
  • On release day celebrating release
  • 1 week after with reviewer comments
  • 2 weeks after to close the giveaways


  • 3 weeks before release, an ARC sign-up form will be shared on social media and in your groups.
  • 2 weeks before release, ARC copies will be handed out to vetted applicants.
  • 1 week before release, reviews will be encouraged on Goodreads.
  • On release day, ARCs will be reminded to post their reviews on Amazon.
  • 1 week after release, ARCs will be chased to follow up.
  • 2 weeks after release, ARCs will be closed.