Stolen Time


My world is broken ruins left from a time where humans thrived. I've seen books of the great cities of old. Now we scrape out a living in the wake of the demi-gods wrath.

On the tenth anniversary of the day the demi-gods departed, I want nothing more than to enjoy my birthday alone. It isn't easy sharing my birthday with such a widely celebrated event.

Except… I have no memory of the world before ten years ago, and I have never left this village. All I have are the words of our village leader, Marholm.

This birthday everything changes, when Marholm lures me into his giant tower of the gods and gifts me a weapon. He gives me the task of travelling back in time to find and destroy the demi-gods once and for all. But will I be able to kill these men with no personal memory of their crimes, or will I surrender to their godly looks and charms and listen to their side of the story?

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A full length standalone novel with a happy ever after. Gay harem romance, intended for mature readers over 18.