Aspen Casey

I’m Aspen Casey, and no, I’ve never visited the place even though the internet thinks I should.

I am like the boy who never grew up. I may get older, but I refuse to adult! Instead of growing up, I grew dirty. Instead of playing with dinosaurs and transformers, I now write about them.

I like to write short steamy books, with as much excitement as there is plot, but I promise you a happy ever after in each book, and I do plan on writing follow up novella about my favourite characters. I’d love to know which ones are your favourites too, so do please connect with me on social media (I am a bit of an introvert, but I am there, lurking in the corners.)

I can tell you about my life, as a work-from-home computer sales engineer, but honestly, I’d rather escape with you into a book or five.


Books by Aspen Casey


Dino Dystopia

Aspen has written book 1 of a series called Dino Dystopia. It is a cool twist on omegaverse in a dystopian world of dinosaurs. See more.


Dragons of the Broken Isles

Aspen is currently writing his first book about Dragons and it is called The Golden Drake.


Alien Captive Series

Aspen is currently writing about aliens, with a lust for adventure and finding happiness along the way. More information will be published soon.