Author Support

Please discuss your goals with me each week so I can help you reach them.

Please note that if you do not ask for support during a particular week, you will still be paying for it, unused hours can not be banked for later use. If no directions are given, I will use the time to promote on social media at my discretion.


Daily check-in, motivation and support, progress checks (and nagging!)

Let me know about your goals for the week and what you need. Then, I will gently remind you to meet your goals with my whip gifs if necessary. Whether it's a daily word count, outlining a goal, or phoning your doctor, you will get it done. You can message me anytime between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. GMT. You can message outside those times but expect a delay in replying.

Writing advice, research, brainstorming

Have you ever gone to look something up and fallen down the rabbit hole, surfacing three hours later with two new book ideas? Wouldn't it be good if you had someone to discuss your ideas with so you can stay focused?

Alpha reading, plot advice.

Ever wondered if what you've just written is any good? Or are you going off the plot? Wouldn't it be good to work with someone you can trust who knows you and your writing style and who can give you that reassurance (or guide you gently back to the plot if you found that rabbit hole of a side plot)

Blurb support

And who likes writing blurbs?! Yeah, no one. But it is easier having someone else help. After all, it takes us authors around 70,000 words to tell our story. Summing it up in 200 words is no easy feat. That is why we are here to help.

Basic media coverage

Your book can be shared on the Intriguing Author TikTok, Facebook group, and pages. Please note that this is ad-hoc, depending on how much time is spent assisting with other areas. If you require more social media than this, please look at our promotion-focused packages.

Author Details on Intriguing Author PA website

Your bio and books will be listed on our author page here on the website.

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Please complete the following form to have your book information listed.