Dragons of the Broken Isles


The Golden Dragon

The people of the Broken Isles have lived in isolation for one thousand years. It is imperative their existence is kept hidden from the rest of the world because the island is home to one of the last few dragons. Sleeping for one thousand years at a time, his followers keep the Lust Dragon safe and sustained. His reserves are getting low and the time of the feeding is nearly upon them. Everything is in hand. His worshipers have the party prepared, they just need the dragon’s conduit to arrive from the mainland.

Rowan has always wanted to travel, never wanting to fill the desk job his father has prepared for him. This is his last adventure before falling into the seat he doesn’t want. He’s going to enjoy every minute of this trip, embracing every native culture. Except, he has no idea where he is. No phone reception, and no familiar landmarks to place him anywhere on his maps. His only hope is to keep following the narrow track in the forest until he reaches the end. When he finds himself in a strange village preparing for the celebration of a lifetime, he can’t refuse, even if he isn’t sure what a conduit is. All he knows is it promises to be the experience of a lifetime, especially if the drop dead sexy heralds are going to be there.