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Heroes of Change

Since they were small, Olivia and Max have kept their secret hero powers hidden, but when they find two more children like them, they reveal their secret identities, Whirlwind and Mud Shot. Together, the four heroes investigate the appearance of monsters in the city. The mutant monsters have been accepted in the valley outside of the city, but not inside the walls designed to keep them out. Together with Phyro and Snow Storm, they have to keep the city safe. What they didn't bargain for were menacing droids and a strange shadow figure who could be friend or foe.

Meet the characters that are in the Heroes of Change Series.


Book 1: Eiramesor

Can our new heroes find the Eiramesor's leader before the giant ant-spiders destroy the city?

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Book 2: Glider Birds

How can the heroes stop Shadow’s plan with giant birds of prey filling the air?

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