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The hidden demonic powers are suddenly awakened in four unsuspecting teens. Ailana Darkmore plans to use them to end humanity.

Infected with paranormal viruses, the four must deal with not only being part demon, but their remaining part is no longer human.

Peter, who’s death revealed their demonic powers, is challenged by ghost-like abilities. Sam, given the zombie’s kiss of death, must satisfy her cravings for meat.

Holly surrenders to the vampire life, with very little regret, while Coby deals with the inner rage of a werewolf.

To stop the apocalypse, only one of them must die.


Book One: Soul’s Awakening

The truth is revealed when four teenagers are awakened to the demon soul inside them. Now they are hunted from every direction and fighting to survive.

Coming November 2023


Book Two: Ghost’s Walk

Peter’s demon saviours train him to do the unthinkable, destroy one of the other soul carriers.

Coming April 2024


Book Three: Zombie’s Kiss 

Despite her zombie blood, Sam remains with the human demon hunters, and they have only one goal; stopping the end of humanity.

Coming April 2024


Book Four: Vampire’s Army

Holly raised an army of daywalkers for her protection. When the end comes she plans to be ready, but keeping her crown isn’t going to be easy.

ComingApril 2025


Book Five: Werewolf’s Rage

With all factions seeing him as the weakest link, Coby must travel back to the night he was bitten and kill his werewolf sire. But is being the only living soul carrier truly a bad thing?

Coming November 2025


Book Six: Witch’s Wrath

With Jake now posing a major hiccup in her plans for world domination, Ailana Darkmore must change all her plans.

Coming April 2026