The Everose Curse Series

Who can break the ever rose curse and save all dragon kind

The dragons are waiting, hoping, for a mate to come. But with the Everose curse wiping out most of the female dragons, the wait is long and difficult. When it finally arrives, it is in the form of a human female.

With humans knowing about the existence of the dragon shifters, it has become common for females to parade before the dragons in the hope they may be their fated mate. However, Lin has to share his reluctant mate with two other dragons. This female may be fragile, but she will give Lin a child. Something the king of the dragons has almost given up hoping for. But she will also give him a gold-digging mother-in-law, a dragon of a very different kind. Finding his true mate won’t be as straightforward as Lin hoped.


Book 1: Ever Found

Ever lives under the thumb of her controlling mother. Her hopes lie in becoming too old for the breeding program but a drunken night with the dragon king finds her pregnant with his child. They need to come to terms with their complicated relationship, and her mother’s plans, before the child is born.

Obtain Ever Found from

Obtain Ever Found from


Book 2: Ever Lost

Ever is in hiding, keeping her baby safe, but the enemy are closing in. When they capture Ever, she is questioned about her baby and his father, not believing her answers. When her mates rescue her, their quest has only just begun, Everly needs to know the truth about her parents and who is the Everose dragon.


Book Sample

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