Welcome to Intriguing Author PA, run by Charlotte Wren and Ashley Kemmerling.

Charley Wren is an Editor and PA. She started publishing in 2018 but has been writing much much longer. Charley loves making hand-made swag and believes in dragons. Charley also writes gay romance novels as Charlotte Brice.

Ashley Kemmerling has been PAing since 2019. Ashley’s hobby is buying paperbacks and has grown into a bit of an addiction. Let’s just say she needs an extra shelf… or five.

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Here at Intriguing Authors, we believe in you as an individual author. We have a price list based on the standard requirements to set you on the right path in your writing career. But it takes more than handing out the Advance Reader Copy (ARC) and posting in reader groups, we’re also on hand anytime to answer questions about writing, publishing, promoting, what to have for dinner, (although we may not get back to you right away, because… sleep). Ashley lives in America, working on Eastern Standard Time. Charley is in England, working on Greenwich Mean Time (5 hours ahead of Ashley - It's like time travel!) We strive to meet all our authors personal goals, and have gained best seller rankings for two of our authors along the way.

All of our authors also get access to our amazing nagging skills, as well as 10% off editing and covers (by the amazing Tash at Dazed Designs) when signed up to a monthly package.

To discuss how Intriguing Author PA can help you with your author journey, please complete this form or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Author testimonials 

Here what some of our authors have to say about us

Before I started working with Charlotte Brice, I had a tiny audience and I couldn't remember to engage with them regularly. My audience had tripled since then. Her contacts have helped me cut down on publishing costs and given me free venus of advertising. She's always been excellent at communicating with me and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I don't regret hiring her for a second. With her help, I've gone from having my books not quite break even, to covering my costs - including her fee - plus more. I highly recommend her as a PA.


Charley is an incredible PA. She is very patient and will help you go the distance. If you need graphics she is right there. Need to hide a dead body, you guessed it, she'll be there helping you dig a hole while explaining why she now own your soul and that this is not the proper way to handle people who leave nasty reviews. But most importantly she will become your close friend, a companion and your number one fan and cheerleader. She will be there to whip you back into shape and tell you to take it easy.


Working with Charlotte this past year has made everything so much easier. She is an absolutely amazing PA. Honestly without her I have no idea how I would have gotten as far as I have. She is professional while also being down to Earth and understanding. When you need a kick in the butt she is quick to issue it but is also there when you just need a little pick me up. She is full of awesome advise and has all the connections to help you achieve your goals. I cannot wait to continue to grow with her as my PA.

(Best seller rankings not guaranteed - sorry, we wish we could!)