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Andrew Stevens grew up on a farm in south of England and since young age, he enjoyed watching low budget horror films with his father.

Fortunately for him, there was no such thing as age rating at the time, but there were no cinemas near his house either. This seemed to be the magical combination because when there was nothing to watch, Andrew would read, or write scary stories for his father. This passion stayed with him throughout school and university and even his office job, so he finally decided to start publishing his works.

He lives in a small town in England with his wife and a son, writing his heart away to their delight.


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Dead Man's Farm

When an alien spaceship crashes in rural farmland in England, it presents one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the unknown and discover one of the greatest mysteries in history of humankind. The government sets up a quarantine perimeter and brings in top scientists, but it seems that they didn’t get there first.Someone else beat them to it and, before anyone suspects anything, it's already too late. Not everything is as it seems and a mysterious illness spreads throughout the village, infecting indiscriminately, and threatens to take over.Will the country’s greatest minds be able to find a cure before the entire village succumbs and the infection spreads further?

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