Meet the Dino Dystopia Dinosaurs

Here are details about the main characters in the series: Dino Dystopia

Tyrannosaurus Rex

A two-legged carnivore from the Theropod family of dinosaurs. Very large with sharp teeth and short arms.

Raptors, various species.

A two-legged carnivore with a distinct scythe claw on the hind foot.

Many species have feathers and range in size.

Velociraptors are the most common, about 1.8 metres long.

Austroraptor are one of the largest raptor species, about 6 metres long.

Mael is a Deinonychus, one of the rarer raptor species, 2.5 metres long.


A two-legged carnivore from the Carnosaurs family with bull horns and very short arms.


A four-legged herbivore with three horns on its head and a large frill.


A two-legged herbivore from the Hadrosaur family of dinosaurs. Has a distinct crest on its head.