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The Monsters of Gods

Based on the Greek mythology of Medusa and other gods and monsters, Josslyn writes about Medusa. This beautiful goddess of creature and nature is cursed by three petty goddesses and finds herself as the snake-headed monster.

Gods and monsters have never mixed well together. As a goddess, Medusa shared her role in protecting the Humans and growing the earth. Now she sees herself as nothing more than a monster. From answering the prayers of others to having hers go unanswered, Medusa is abandoned by the gods, but will she be safe among the monsters?

Getting retribution for those who cursed her is going to have to wait as Medusa leaves her ethereal life behind and goes to live with the monsters in Reaver’s Hollow. Only these monsters are beautiful, sexy men who have only had each other’s company for two long. Medusa can only resist her new housemates for so long, especially when her snakes are so willing. Her only hope is to embrace her new life and hope Fate knows what it’s doing… because this feels like her destiny.


Book 1: Medusa's Curse

Destiny is a fickle thing, you never know where she might take you.

For instance, I didn't expect it to fulfill my wildest dreams. I should have expected it all to be ripped away.

I'm not that lucky.

When I washed up on Hade's doorstep, well, his private beach to be more accurate- all I could think about was my next breath. I wasn't expecting seven gorgeous men to rescue me.

They welcome me into their home (mostly) and their lives, and for some, even their hearts.

Did I mention fate is a fickle bitch?

Just when I thought I had it all, she takes it away from me again. What she doesn't understand though, is that I'll fight for what's mine, and these men?


Author Notes.

Greek Mythology with modern twists. Legends of many mixed together. Fated Mates. Multi Points of View. One Peach in a grove of Eggplants, and all the Eggplants are crazy about their Peach and their group of Eggplants (This is a reverse harem novel, where the female character is with all the male characters simultaneously. Also contains mm scenes.)

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Book 2: Medusa’s Fight

Medusa has one goal to live her life in peace the way she planned to do so with her Fated Mates by her side.

But Destiny has other plans for her, being taken by an old nemesis and a trusted lover is one of them.

Now Medusa will need to put her hide and seek skills to the test if she wants to survive the Gods Hunt.

All she can do is rely upon the training she has and pray lady luck is on her side as she fights for her freedom.


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