Meet the Heroes for Change Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the series: Heroes for Change

Whirlwind image

This superhero dresses in orange and has the ability to control wind. She can shoot gusts of wind from her hands. When she isn't a superhero, Whirlwind is known as Olivia Change.

Mud Image
Mud Shot

The green superhero has the ability to control the earth around him. He can move the earth in solid blocks around him. When he isn't in his hero suit, Mud Shot is known as Max Change.

Phyro Image

With his ability to create and control fire, the red hero uses the name Phyro. Outside of his hero role, he is known as James Richards.

Snow Storm Image
Snow Storm

This snowy white hero has the ability to freeze things around her, and also drop the temperature of the air.

Annie Mall Image
Annie Mall

The pink hero has the ability to understand and communicate with animals. Her identity is currently unknown.

Shadow Image

The being behind the release of monsters in the city is able to appear as a shadow, while also being able to move through shadows. Not much is known about this anti-hero, but his shadow form seems to have wings. His identity is unknown.