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Early Reader Book Details

Sarah is writing three more books for Early Readers


The Knight and the Fire Dragon

Geoffrey is a kind and brave knight, who loves adventure. When the king sends him to a far-off town to see if they have a dragon problem, Geoffrey is happy to go.

Geoffrey finds the town under attack by a large fire dragon. But can he save the town without fighting the dragon? Geoffrey is determined to find a solution that helps everyone, including the fire dragon.

Coming September 2023


Laura the Mermaid

Laura sets off on the whale bus, but an accident forces everyone to stop near the forbidden shores. Laura knows she isn’t allowed onto the beach, but an encounter with a hungry octopus puts her dangerously close. A little peek wouldn’t really be so bad, would it?

Coming September 2023



Jen has gone off to school and McStuffins is getting bored of waiting in her bedroom. Watching the world outside the window is exciting for the first few days, but McStuffins really wants to explore outside in the garden for himself. How bad could it be out there for a well-loved bear?

Coming September 2023