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The Western Witch and the Gauntleteers

Bethany Western has been keeping her witchcraft a secret her whole life until her parents decide to move her to a magic school. She makes friends quickly with Zoe, her twin Adam, and John. Beth is drawn into a world of secrets, demons, and worst of all, boys.

Together they discover the long forgotten Gauntleteers and their powerful suits of armour. As the four piece the suits together, they discover why the gauntleteers were left behind, and it could cost her everything in the process.

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Published by Butterdragons Publishing


Book One: The Western Witch and the Gauntleteers

Moving to a new school would be easier if Beth didn’t have to keep so many secrets. She must tell no one about the mysterious gauntlets, a difficult secret to keep around the apparently mind-reading Jake Rotherford. Is discovering the gauntlet’s powers worth her friends’ forgiveness?.

Published By Butterdragons Publishing

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Book Two: Western Witch and the mast of Animity

No one seems to know what the mask of Animity is for. In fact, its hard for Beth and her friends to remember they even exist. It’s down to the annoyingly perfect Jake to help them out again.

Coming June 2024


Book Three: Western Witch and the plate of Aegis

Beth and her friends discover why the suits were abandoned when they put on the chest plates. The gauntleteers are not soldiers, they are weapons, but the discovery comes too late. Can they be saved, or will they all be lost to the suits’ mission?

Coming June 2025