Made for Master

Master, Pretty, Beast, Baby/Daddy and Cocky. All men we only know by nicknames, yet so fleshed out, it doesn’t really matter. This is a dark tale, with blurred relationship boundaries. Not quite mmmm but not strictly monogamous either. Each book ends on a Happy Ever After, we are introduced to the next book in the form of a tiny cliff-hanger… balls in a jam jar sized cliff-hanger.


Book 1: Pretty for Master

Master is an empty, emotionless man, so obviously, the only career for him is a romance author! After writing about a love he doesn’t feel, he decides he needs to see if a man like him can learn to love. Step one, kidnap someone who doesn’t know they need saving. Step two, make the man fall in love with you. Step three, even if you don’t think you’re in love, you move mountains for him anyway. Which is good, because someone is trying to kill him.

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Book 2: Beastly for Master

Master tries to do a good deed for Pretty, by taking revenge on his behalf. But when it doesn’t go to plan, Master has to move more mountains to undo what he has done. He has to save a beast of his own making, and this time it isn’t him.

And he has to face psyco clowns and rebellion from his own boys to get there. Pretty may still be his at the end, but Baby is now fully fledged and ready to fly the coop, or at least he thinks so.

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Obtain Beastly for Master from


Book 3: Cocky for Daddy

Thanks to Master, both Cocky and Baby Daddy have their worlds turned upside down... and Master is still pulling the strings.

But we have to wait a little longer to see what happens to this unlikely pair.