Skylar Sweeney

Skylar Sweeney brings the com from romcom to dark M/M romance with quirky characters placed in very dark and hilariously twisted situations.

Born and raised in Texas, Skylar resides on Lake Palo Pinto with his beloved chihuahua, Willa, and Bookmark the Boa. Oh, yeah, and he also loves "roosters"... of all sorts! Including his cockerel, Beast, and all his many hens.


Books by Skylar Sweeney


Hollywood Creatures

Skylas has written three books in the Hollywood Creatures Series.

Dating in Hollywood isn't easy, especially when the end of the world comes knocking. more.


Blood Brothers

These vigilantes may have gone good, but when it comes to love, they've got it bad. more.


Made for Master

Master has everything he needs, except someone who can love him for the monster he is. more.