Charlotte writes paranormal Gay Romance novels. Charlotte lives in England with her husband, four children and more pets than you can shake a stick at.

When not writing, Charlotte enjoys long walks in the English countryside surrounding her home.


To Dance With Danger

Charlotte's latest books are a series called To Dance With Danger. You don't know fear until you know fear. Read more about this series.


Phoenix ShiftARS

Charlotte has recently finished her Phoenix ShiftARS series of books.This seven-book series follows a young new Second Lieutenant who is fresh out of officer training with the Army Regiment of Shifters, or ShiftARS for short. Read more about this series.


Demon Mafia

Charlotte has finished writing the final book in her trilogy, Demon Mafia. Ii is called Broken Angel, and it continues the story started in Beautiful Lies and Demon's Curse. Read more about the Demon Mafia.


Hitmen and Hexes

Launched in August 2022, Charlotte’s exciting new series follows Voodoo and Hunter, an unlikely duo of paranormal investigators. Their investigation clashes with Doll and Jackal, two contract hitmen, working for opposing governments. In Hexes and Heartache, these two men make a deadly and addictive friendship with Doll. But while this warlock ties Hunter’s stomach in knots, he may also spill his guts. Fins out information about Hitmen and Hexes.


Demons of the Nothing

Justice in demonic proportions. Read more information about Demons of Nothing.


The Moral Element

A series of standalone romances set in an omegaverse world. Omegaverse is a genre where everyone is born ether alpha, beta or omega. Most of the population are betas, with about 25% being born alphas and 25% as omegas. Read more about The Moral Element series of books


The King Dom

A series of short stories featuring Finn, who becomes King earlier than expected.

The world may be at their feet, but they have to fight for each other.

Read more about The King Dom series of books


Other books

Charlotte recently completed a novel called Stolen Time. This novel follows Ely as he embarks on a quest to destroy the gods of old, but ends up on a quest to find himself

Charlotte's book Tentacle Pirate's Prince, is a story about Prince Ezra who is kidnapped by Pirates. Read more


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Read Chapter 1 of Stolen Time to check out Charlotte's writing style