Demons of the Nothing

A thin veil exists between Something and Nothing. A veil that can be crossed. All the creatures of the Nothing need is a human life to bind to, and they become Something. These demons may be dependent on their host to remain in the Something, but they are free to use their powers to influence our world.

Nothing can be done about their existence in our world, because they move unseen. Only those with a bound demon can see them, and they are in no hurry to send them back.

Well, except for Detective Christopher Kelsey.

And he can do it, one demon at a time.

Akai was never meant for Kelsey, their bonding was a desperate act by a demon longing for something. As much fun as it is in the Something, closing the veil is something he believes in, because he knows what is waiting to come through


Book 1: Vengeance

Released 28th January 2023

Detective Kelsey is called to a ritual killing, but something feels off. There’s a strange voice in the air, and a shadow in the corner. When he finally listens… and finally sees… He is faced with the prospect of being stuck with a demon for the rest of his life.
But will this demon prove useful when investigating two seemingly unconnected murders, or will he undercover a conspiracy in his own station, as the Pride demon Pridjen demonstrates his rule.

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Obtain Vengeance from

Obtain Vengeance from

Read Chapter 1 of Vengeance to check out Charlotte's writing style