One elven princess, seven bonded mages, and a secret plot to destroy them all.

Lillian, the elven Princess of Fardorwen, along with her twin brother head off to start their training at the Elven mage academy. It is traditional for Elves to bond with mages, but Lil has luck to be bound to six mages. She hasn’t worked out if it’s good luck or bad. It certainly doesn’t do her favours making friends around the school, or binding with each of her mages. The relationship between the two species is something that I am looking forward to exploring over the course of the series.

Meet the characters that are in the Elvin Mage Academy.


Book 1: Fueling Fire

Starting school and meeting her mages should be enough for Lil to get her teeth into, but we see an exciting plot at foot to ruin everything.

Book one focuses on her bond with Alec, her bonded fire mage, and this hunk is certainly hot-headed. Like all her mages, he resists her at first, but is the first to open up to the bond between them. Lil is going to need all of them when not just her life but her family is threatened.

Obtain Fueling Fire from

Obtain Fueling Fire from


Book 2: Embracing Earth

A second year at Elven Mage Academy, and we get to know another mage better. This time it’s the gently giant, Jason. The plant mage has a lot to prove after joining the academy earlier than most, but it’s his bond with Lil that takes the most work. Again, the twists and turns of sabotage and blackmail test Lil and her bonded mages at every turn.

Obtain Embracing Earth from

Obtain Embracing Earth from


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