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It's hard to find love when you have the darkling mafia to run. It's harder to ignore when it turns up at your feet.

In the underground world of darklings, the mafia clans are everything.

Working up from the disposable level one, to the royalty status of level ten has come easy for Leon. He’s reached level nine and the only darkling higher than him in the whole of Gable Clan is his father Stanley Graves. In a world where family is everything, Leon has to stay put, for now. But that doesn’t mean he can finally relax. Plans are in place to see this great man take the fall of his life.

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Book 1: Beautiful Lies


My day is off to a bad start when I'm called down to a cat burglar caught in my trap. My prize gem missing, and then a shoot out in my own building. Someone is trying to make me look bad. But I can't take my eyes off this burglar, and I can't hand him over for questioning. I need this beautiful creature in my life. It's not just because he's a mysterious Fae, there is more. I was raised to want for nothing, but now I want his love. Can I convince him to give me not just his body, but his heart and soul?


Break into the darkling mafia building, grab a gem and all my inherited debts will be cleared. Sounds to perfect. Getting captured by Leon feels like the lucky option here. Bending my knee to this sexy as hell darkling, from his apartment in the family mansion. It's definitely a step up from what I had before.

But it's not going to be that easy to escape my past. I can only hope Leon can still love me when my dark past catches up with me.

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Book 2: Demon’s Curse


What started out as a normal investigation wasn't supposed to end with me falling in love. I can't, I shouldn't, but I have. Now I need to work out what I'm going to do about it. The man I've fallen for is a wanted man. Not wanted by the law, or even by my darkling clan. But he is wanted, and whoever they are will stop at nothing to get him back.


When someone offers you something, there is always a catch. No one gives money to test a vaccine. I needed the money, but I don't need what the vaccine has done to me. It has turned me into a demon in a world I didn't know existed. I need Quinn's help to survive this. I need his friendship to stay sane. I need his love to stay human.

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Book 3: Broken Angel

Leon and Aspen, Quinn and Kai. They all have their future at stake as we try to uncover the werepirie project and unravel the demon's curse. No one seems to care that I am the cursed one. I see the darkness rising, I just don't scream about it anymore.

My brother may have uncovered something about the Wood Fae from my past, but it's down to me to rip this thing open and finally rid myself of the knife hanging above my head. I've never had enough faith in myself before, but now, I might have found someone else to have that faith for me.

Jealousy doesn't look good on me, but my two best friends have found their soul mates. I am suddenly the fifty wheel in everything we do.

It's not their fault, Leon and Quinn deserve every moment of happiness.It's not my fault either. I've fallen for a guy I can't have.

Not just because he doesn't want me. It's also because my friends wouldn't want him. I'm in love with the crazy psychopath that is Blake Graves.

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