Hitman and Hexes

Nathanial “Voodoo” Laversett and Hunter Green live in their motorhome, travelling the country, investigating the paranormal.

Their wealthy connections mean their leisurely life doesn’t rely on the British Government sending them on dangerous missions. They stick to the regular ghost sightings and mystery bumps in the night. Voodoo isn’t the average witch, and Hunter isn’t a typical werewolf, but between them they get by. They have everything they need, except love. But who would love two rejects who are still running from their pasts? Hitmen and Serial killers might be their only options.


Book 1: Hexes and Heartache

Released 28th August 2022

Voodoo and Hunter are sent to investigate the Lincolnshire Poacher. The radio station “The Lincolnshire Poacher” has been silent since 2006, but a week ago, it sent one last transmission. The geographical location of a rundown B&B of the same name.

Voodoo is instantly drawn to the baby-faced landlord, but Hunter is more drawn to the hitman trying to kill him. In a case where only one can come out on top, both men are left fighting for their lives and their hearts.

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Book 2: Curses and Convicts

The Russian Doll is called on for one last case. Voodoo, Hunter and Doll must go undercover in prison and convince a man known only as Glass Eye to give up his informant.

Three men go in, and three men will come out. A fact that pulls at a heartless man’s heartstrings with Voodoo falls in love with an innocent man.

The biggest question is which three will leave and who will be the one left behind.

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Book 3: Charms and Chocolate

It's not easy living together in the tiny motor home, and tempers start to fray. But the four men only have to survive until their purchase of the ghost house goes through.

When they become stranded on a ghost hunt, a few nights in a hotel provide welcome relief, but when Jackal shows up on Halloween, everyone knows their lives are about to be turned upside-down.


But with unexpected dark power set free, this will be a Halloween to remember.

Voodoo needs to step back and look after his boy, especially as he might be on the verge of crushing his hopes when it comes to ghost hunting Hunter needs a territory to patrol because marking the small space he has is getting on everyone's nerves. Teddy needs to regain his confidence and find his place in his new life as an escaped convict, oh, and clear his name. Doll needs a conscience, but everyone knows that isn't going to happen. And he really does love Halloween.

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Book 4: Potions and Pack

Finally, the pack of four find themselves a home. A run down ghost house as worn as they are. But it is a place to call home, somewhere to lay roots. Somewhere to be a pack.

Registering a werewolf pack made up of a berserker, a witch doctor, a necromancer and a seer doesn't go down well with the werewolf council, calling Voodoo and Hunter away from home to explain the situation.

The saying goes 'while the cats are away, the mice will play' but no one knows what happens when the dogs start circling.

Werewolves, to be precise, Ones who feel a necromancer would be more useful to them than to a werewolf pack of one.

No matter how hard Doll tries, people keep making it hard not to kill them.

This is the final book in this series and ends on a HEA

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