Hollywood Creatures

Hollywood Creatures is an urban fantasy about paranormal beings living in the Hollywood spotlight. Rick the werewolf, is chief of police, Gus is the father of all vampires, with extra bite. Merlin is hairdresser to the stars while the genie Jenson is director, and the show will go on.


Book 1: Broken Fangs

Book 1 follows Gus, the oldest vampire in existence, and Rick, the grumpiest werewolf. Gus has had a hard life but is a sweet old soul in a young body. He’s fed up with being treated like a kid and taken advantage of, so his friends hide him away from his mean partner on a reality show. Rick is grumpy and hot-headed, but he has every reason to be, after vampires killed his son. He gets himself in trouble and the only way out is to play the broken heart in a reality TV dating show.

You guessed it, same one as Gus. Despite his hatred of vampires, their chemistry is obvious, and the show producers do everything they can to throw the pair together. Fake dating is the least of their worries as an evil darkness threatens their entire way of life, but to fight it, these two men have to put their hatred aside and work together.

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Book 2: Three Wishes

Book 2 follows Aladdin and Jenson, two characters we may have heard of, but in a world where Aladdin’s wishes bind him to the lamp. The pair are happy as they are: Master and slave, until in walks Wyatt Hartford. He’s an up-and-coming actor with relationship problems, the biggest problem not being the fact he’s in the closet, but the disappearance of the fiancé altogether. If he wants her back, he has to steal Jenson’s lamp.

It’s theatrics galore as he tries to worm his way into their lives, and he ends up with far more than he bargained for. This book ends on a Happy Ever After, but they might have inadvertently ended the world.

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Book 3: Stars Struck

Book 3 follows another character we’ve met before, in the form of Merlin. Not an old, grey-haired man, or not in appearance at least. His modern-day King Arthur is an Italian mobster, who really doesn’t want the sword he seems to have acquired. As the world falls apart around them, in the grips of Kissing Dik, this pair have to solve the little problems to cure the biggest problem of all. When friends aren’t friends, and enemies aren’t enemies, all they have is each other, and a large sword. And hopefully, that’s all they need.

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