Advanced Book Launch

We will provide one month of support for your release, starting two weeks before release and ending two weeks after. If you are unable to set a pre-order before release, please discuss options with me.


Checking book listings

Keeping an eye on Amazon rankings and listings throughout the release period.

Keywords and categories

Finding the 3 best categories and 7 best keywords for the book's visibility is an ongoing task that should be reviewed every three months or so.

A+ content

Create amazon A+ content graphic for your amazon listing, if requested.


If I manage your newsletter, I will send out the following emails

  • 3 weeks before release with a link to the ARC sign-up sheet.
  • 2 weeks before release with teasers and a pre-order link.
  • 1 week before release with teasers and a pre-order link, and a giveaway
  • On release day celebrating release
  • 1 week after with reviewer comments
  • 2 weeks after to close the giveaways


  • 3 weeks before release, an ARC sign-up form will be shared on social media and in your groups.
  • 2 weeks before release, ARC copies will be handed out to vetted applicants.
  • 1 week before release, reviews will be encouraged on Goodreads.
  • On release day, ARCs will be reminded to post their reviews on Amazon.
  • 1 week after release, ARCs will be chased to follow up.
  • 2 weeks after release, ARCs will be closed.

Media Kit

A promotional graphics pack will be made to be used across all social media.

Book Blitz

Book information will be shared with bloggers and influencers to encourage maximum exposure.

Release Party!

We will host a release party in your reader group or another group of your choosing. All management will be taken care of for you.