Meet the Dead Man's Farm Characters

Here are details about the main characters in the book: Dead Man's Farm

Sam Jones Photo
Sam Jones

Sam is the 7th generation to of Jones to run the dairy farm, so when a space ship crashes on his land, he is reluctant to leave his whole life behind. He is a single father of two sons, and his home represents all his memories of his late wife. Sam is hard working, putting everything he has into his farm and his cows.

Linc Jones Photo
Linc Jones

The eldest son of Sam Jones, he has been caring for his little brother since their mum passed four years ago. He is seventeen and eager to escape the duties of the farm and his family, but it isn't just his responsibility to them holding him back. There is a certain young lady in the village he would gladly give up his mundane life for.

Jimmy Jones Photo
Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones is thirteen, becoming a wild child in the years since losing his mother. He is always out playing in the barn with the farm cats, or up a tree. He has very few real memories of his mum, clinging to the furniture in their house as a way to hold on to the past. When he is faced with the opportunity to sneak onto the crashed alien ship, it sparks a change in his life he can never go back from.

Katy Carpenter Photo
Katy Carpenter

Katy is a scientist called to help Floyd with the chance of a lifetime. Exploring the downed alien space craft is a career changer, but Katy finds her mind more on the farmer and his family, than the treasure in his field.

Name meaning – Strength

Abigail Anderson Photo
Abigail Anderson

Eighteen year old Abigail hates her job in the corner shop, longing to get away from it all, but it isn't that easy. She has close connections with the farm from when her dad worked there as a farm hand. She grew up alongside Linc and his little brother, finding the draw to stay by Linc's side more appealing than carving her own future, at least until the spaceship costs her everyone she loves.