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This paranormal academy for ‘monsters’ like Aislynn to learn about their destinies.


Book 1: Headless Beauty

Not all change is bad, then again, it's not always great either.

At least I thought it wouldn't be

That was before I arrived at Horseman College.

The only college for monsters is to learn everything about their destined futures.

At least for most, it's simple.

Mine on the other hand not so much.

I'm Aislynn Vortez and this is what happened when I found my destiny.


Monsters College Paranormal Romance

Why Choose... Which means she will not have to pick from the men.

Some of the men will have relationships with each other .

Release date 30th November 2022

Obtain Headless Beauty from

Obtain Headless Beauty from


Book 2: Soulless Dream

Josslyn is currently writing this book with a planned release for early 2023


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