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Kaleidoscope House of Adventures

A series of six books about different adventures children have when passing through a gateway in an Old House.

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Book One: Robots of Red and Rust

The Old House sits on the corner of the street, dirty and rundown, seemingly abandoned... It is a gateway to other dimensions and it holds many secrets. Strange creatures come out sometimes, and sometimes those creatures are quite dangerous.

When 12-year-old Ben's aunt and uncle mysteriously disappear while patrolling around the old house, he is suddenly tasked with helping his parents patrol. As excited as he is about his first patrol, will he be able to handle all the wonders and dangers the old house offers.

Coming July 2023

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Book Two: Pit of Wind and Whispers

A chance encounter leaves Ben trapped above a dangerous dimension, but can he be saved before the gateway closes around his foot?

Coming November 2023


Book Three: Plants of Cone and Grown


Amber and Rose might not be what they think when the plants from the green dimension wake up.

Coming July 2024


Book Four: Spiders of Static and String

Hidden secrets about Ben’s past are brought up with the discovery of a new dimension.

Coming November 2024


Book Five: Sea of Waves and Warning

Stuck in a dimension of nothing but ocean is a lesson that might just be their last.

Coming July 2025


Book Six: Haven of Hopes and Dreams

With nothing left to lose, the youngsters make the Kaleidoscope house their home, but is everything as hopeless as it seems?

Coming November 2025