Dino Dystopia

The dinosaurs lived in a harsh world of hot sunshine and vast deserts.

Society grew in cities around precious water sources. Lack of resources forced the different species to cohabit the cities, meat-eaters living alongside plant-eaters. 150 years ago, a great war broke out between the two alpha species, the T-Rex and the Carnotaurus fought in a vicious war for dominance over the vegetarian beta species.

The omega species of raptors were forced to choose a side.

The Carnotaurus, believing they would win, gave them little choice. When they won, they would take what they wanted, enslaving the little raptors if they sided with the Carnotaurus, and destroying them if they didn’t.

The T-Rex also believed they would be victorious, but offered freedom to all who sided with them, and slavery to the raptors if they didn’t. This kinder approach gained them the support of the herbivore species, and ultimately won them the war.

The raptors had chosen the Carnotaurus, the only option that ensured their species’ slavery whoever won.

The tenacious little omegas finally had the guidance they needed, no longer forced to worship the unforgiving sun as their master, now they had real masters they could see, hear and touch. In the one hundred years since the end of the war, the raptors have embraced their role their omega bodies were made for.

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Book 1: Renting the Raptor

T-rex shifter Jag travels across the scorching desert to find a raptor in a distant sanctuary compound. He's an archaeologist looking for artifacts from before the war, and he needs the size and speed of a raptor to get it, nothing to do with the fact he is renting a sex slave for the job.

Choosing the wrong side in the great war landed the raptors with a life of slavery. Mael doesn't hate his life, he enjoys his job, but he enjoys Jag more. Now he's wondering how his life would improve to serve just one master?

Somewhere along the line, Jag must resist the slave's sex appeal to finish the job, or give in to his heart's desires and claim the young man who is doing everything in his power to be loved.

This book is set in a dystopian world of dinosaur shifters, where a person’s place in life is determined by their dinosaur species. This is intended as a short steamy novella about dinosaur shifters falling in love.

Contains scenes of bondage, edging, spanking and choking between men.

Due to the raptor’s situation, while Mael is willing, some scenes may be of dubious consent. Not suitable for readers under 18.

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