Everton Ever After

A place where magic all part of everyday life

Six months after the loss of her husband, Rowen moves back to the small peaceful town of Everton where she grew up. Instantly, her love of baking lands her a job in the bakery and face to face with the first of her men.

Returning to Everton and Survivng in Everton focuses on Rowen, her daughter Violet, and their men, Declan, Nate, Ayden, Kayden and Hudson.

Dating in Everton and Missing for Everton focuses on Quinn, and her men.


Returning to Everton

With her husband now gone, Rowe decides to return to Everton, where she grew up. She and her young daughter are going back to a place where magic doesn’t need to be hidden. Rowe needs to rebuild herself after her husband’s decade of abuse, and protect her daughter. But she can’t stop her feelings for the men she left behind. Declan, Ayden, Hudson, Nate and Kayden are all determined to win this woman’s heart.

This is a why choose romance where Rowe falls for many men. It ends on a cliff hanger which is resolved with a happy ever after in book 2, which is also available.

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Surviving in Everton

The concluding part of Rowe’s story as the guys fight to discover what her husband did to her. She has been diagnoses with a magical condition and her life is in danger, leading her men on a quest to save her. They need to know who helped in his deceit, so they can help save Rowe before it’s too late. We get a happy ending, for now, but there is more to come from these guys.

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Dating in Everton

After her best friend gets herself a harem of men, Quinn decides she needs the same, but her dates don’t have the same luck as Rowe. Not to begin with anyway. Enter Ben, Dax, and the lovely West. When her luck finally takes a turn for the better, her self doubt is in question and she ends up walking into trouble. Cue cliff hanger.

Don’t worry, the next book is already available to give us our happy ever after.

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Missing in Everton

Despite knowing she was being followed, Quinn didn’t tell West, Ben or Dax, and now she’s in trouble. Luckily, her men are on the case and determined to find her, but she’s in a bit of trouble when they do for not telling them. Luckily, these are books where trouble leads to fun.

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Thanksgiving in Everton

Rowen's return to Everton has brought her a world of happiness with Hudson, Nate, Ayden, Kayden, and Declan. Quinn has found her own dream with West, Ben, Dax, Eli, Tanner, and Alessandro.

But this is their first Thanksgiving in their new relationships.

Unexpected guests and magical pranks throw well-made plans out of the window.

Will these two best friends be able to adapt their plans and endure Thanksgiving in Everton?

This is a 30k-word holiday novella with all your favorite characters from Everton.

This book should be read after Missing from Everton.

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